Monday, January 16, 2006

The Nectar of the Gods, or Franzia Fans Need Not Read On...

Before you get excited by the wintry allure of Ice Wine (or the intrigue of anything dubbed 'the nectar of the gods for that matter), collegienne is here to burst your bubble. While the rare wine, described as "intense - at once breathtakingly sweet and mouth-puckeringly tangy," does sound a hell of a lot better than Franzia, "the world's most popular wine" (remember, the world, collectively, can't afford to have such discerning tastes), ice wine certainly isn't as friendly to your ever-depleting debit card. This latest craze might be something to add to your "when-I-become-a-Managing-Director-I-will-finally-be-able-to-afford" list - some of the "elegant bottles" (read: slightly larger than a can of Natty Light) cost up to $100. I think it's safe to say we'll at be sticking to our gallon-size boxes and occasional splurges for that $7.99 bottle of Yellow Tail chardonnay.


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