Sunday, December 04, 2005

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

You've obviously got your blood-shot eyes set on winter vacation, now only a few papers away. While collegienne is sure that you're busy planning ski trips and New Year's festivities for your time away from campus, it's also time to stop hedging and actually make definitive Spring Break plans.

It seems as if this year we're taking the cue from the producers of MTV and E! and following in the footsteps of the reality tv shows we love to hate and hate to love. This year's hot spots are Costa Rica, Croatia, and Cabo San Lucas. (photo by J. Conde)

We're all smart. No matter what year you are, you've survived at least one semester of college. Even the math majors among us can be creative when so moved (or forced to). So why have we become pop culture drones, taking travel advice from Tara Reid without even realizing it?

Sure, Hurricane Wilma wasn't so kind to Cancun. Thousands of hotels were damaged and destroyed this October, bumping the traditional spring break locale from college kids' lists. Cabo, on the tip of the Baja peninsula, was the natural Mexican replacement. It's always been a hot spot, particularly among the West Coast crowd, but this year college kids from the East Coast are flocking to the Sea of Cortez. Coincidence? Hardly.

It's ok to admit it. You saw every episode of Season Two of Laguna Beach. You hated Jason, and Kristen, and well, basically all of them, but their superficial fights still sucked you in. So of course you didn't miss their spring break extravaganza in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo definitely has great beaches and an abundance of overpriced hotels if you're not looking to save this spring. But if you're looking for something a little more adventurous, you've probably been trying to sell the roommates on a trip to Costa Rica. The cast of the Real World took a break from their real taxing gig making documentaries for the South by Southwest Music Festival by partying it up in Costa Rica. Lessons learned from this year's cast bonding trip? Costa Ricans like pretty American girls. Weird. So, fortunately, the editors of the Real World left lots for us to discover ourselves, preferring to show more clips of the cast fighting at bars and their hotel than the rain forests and beaches waiting to be explored on canopy tours and horseback. And hey, you can actually drink the water there. (picture by ChrisMPowell)

If Central America isn't really your thing, there's something undeniably romantic about the Dalmatian Sea. Dubrovnik's Harbor (captured here by Fred Jala) provides old world charm just a short bus ride away from miles of beautiful beach. Tara Reid traipsed around the country on a recent episode of Taradise (possibly the worst-reality tv show ever conceived). Only drawback to Eastern Europe in March? The temperature. Average temperature in Dubrovnik in March is only 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

So maybe it's not our fault for wanting hit the beaches, rain forests, and red tiled roofs that reality tv taunted us with this fall. But if you're one of the 13 people that hasn't already booked a flight into Cabo, San Jose, or Dubrovnik, for the love of God, go somewhere else! There's nothing wrong with any of these destinations, but there is something wrong with going on vacation with your ENTIRE school. Vacation, all I ever wanted. Vacation, had to get away. Vacation, meant to be spent alone (read: your 15 closest friends). Yeah, looks like we forgot that last line in our otherwise infinite lyrical wisdom.

(note: collegienne will be futilely attempting to learn how to surf at playa tamarindo in costa rica. see you there..)


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