Thursday, December 08, 2005

There's such a thing as too much caffeine..

Red Bull might be illegal in France, but Coca-Cola is giving French caffeine addicts a new drug. Coca-Cola Blak, the illegitimate love child of coffee and Coke, will hit stores in France this January. No, it's not some sort of crazy concoction dreamt up by a stressed-out sophomore, but the Coca-Cola Company's attempt to reach new audiences. According to the official news release, "it is a blend of unique Coke refreshment with the true essence of coffee and has a rich smooth texture and has a coffee-like froth when poured." Mmm, coffee-like froth. We won't even make fun of the run-on sentence. The new product is being marketed at adults (curiously categorized as an "adult product"), but collegienne thinks that we will be the only ones crazy enough to actually stock up on the stuff. Despite Coca-Cola's descriptions of the drink as "stimulating," "invigorating," and "effervescent," we'll have to wait to see if this bitter/sweet beverage is worth all the buzz. While France gets to be the lucky guinea pig, Blak is expected to come to other countries, including the United States, in 2006.


Blogger boodler said...

that sounds like an amazing way to study for finals...drink a blak or two. can't wait!!

1:09 AM  
Blogger store said...

Hmm, I think I want to taste this. Like Soon!

Cheers - Craig

10:42 PM  

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