Friday, December 02, 2005

The CD every collegien(ne) has to have?

In the beginning, there was Music From The OC Mix 1, a cd compliation presumably pulled from Seth's indie collection. Diehard fans added names like Alexi Murdoch and Joseph Arthur to their musical repertoire of Kelly Clarkson and Kayne West. Then came the Garden State soundtrack. It flooded iTunes libraries on laptops across the country. Zach Braff singlehandedly woke the majority of sleep-deprived college kids from a music haze, introducing names like The Shins and Iron and Wine to the mainstream population. With the enormous circulation of these two CDs, the creators of the OC decided to take a stab at molding the music tastes of thousands of co-eds again (and again, and again).
Before you e-mail the definitive copy of your holiday wish list to Mom, check out today's review of Music From The OC Mix 5 CD from Pitchfork.
Prognosis: It seems that, like the seasons, The OC Mixes get worse with age. The latest installment gets a pathetic Pitchfork rating of 3.5.
Prescription: Nothing is better than a long-awaited surprise mix tape from your crush (or former crush, as The OC may be rapidly becoming). So, dear OC creators, put the CDs down and go back to sculpting creepy characters like Oliver.


Blogger boodler said...

The OC mixes 1 and 2 are fabulous, I absolutely love them

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