Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Best of Today's AP

Just because you have to miss Fox's Thursday night lineup doesn't mean you have to forego entertainment all together. Here's a couple of today's articles from the Associated Press to keep you amused..

Former Gorilla Handlers Settle Lawsuit. Ok, innocuous enough headline. You're expecting some sort of animal abuse, right? Wrong. Two 40-year-old women filed this suit against The Gorilla Foundation after allegedly being pressured to "indulge Koko the gorilla's 'nipple fetish' as a way of bonding." Can you say Gorillas Gone Wild?

University Cancels Class on Creationism. The University of Kansas has cancelled a spring semester course following an inappropriate e-mail sent by the professor which mocked an on-campus Christian Fundamentalist group. Professor Mirecki referred to the members of the group as "fundies" and said that his class would be a "nice slap in their big fat face." Wait, I'm sorry, when did they start giving tenure to second graders?

U. Penn. Drops Action Over Naked Photos. The University dropped sexual harassment charges it had raised against a student who took it upon himself to post online pictures he took of two other students apparently having sex in front of a dorm window. And you thought facebook stalkers were bad...

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