Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Back At It..

collegienne apologizes for yesterday's lack of posting. An evil little thing called a thesis was majorly demanding attention.

Hussein Refuses to Attend Trial, So Judge Proceeds Without Him That's right, Saddam is boycotting his own trial because he feels he's being tried by an "unjust court." Chances you can refuse to take a final because of an "unjust professor"? Not likely, though imitating Saddam's tantrum by screaming "I will not be in a class without justice. Go to hell, you and your agents of Academia!" certainly would increase your chances of getting kicked out of school.

It's pretty much unbelievable that DC is just getting around to voting for a smoking ban. Dcist and Wonkette ran pieces yesterday on the Smoking Ban passed by the D.C. Council (but not yet endorsed by lame duck D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams). Today The Washington Post held a Live Online Discussion with the spokesperson for "Ban the Ban" and the co-founder of "Smokefree DC." The two guests and DC area residents discussed the two sides of the issue, as everyone awaits the fate of the legislation. collegienne is all for the ban - if NYU and Harvard students can deal with it, why can't the rest of us?

In the continuing trend to turn our computers into TVs, CNN is launching a new service called CNN Pipeline, which will let you access the video from all CNN news stories for $2.95 a month. According to the FAQs on the site, "CNN Pipeline Premium Player puts you in control of the news." And yet somehow Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper continue to control our news..


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