Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Required Reading

Three months ago to the day, Hurricane Katrina roared her way into record books. As Tropical Storm Epsilon continues to plod along in the Atlantic (um, yeah, about hurricane season ending tomorrow..), New Orleans and The New York Times look ahead to the next category 5 bruiser.

For those of us not lucky enough to leech off of our parent's subscription accounts, TimesSelect marked the end of our Op-Ed reading days (unless you are among the 5 college students I can think of that would actually sacrifice the $7.95 a month for Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd). We might be willing to cough up the extra cash when it comes to Entourage or the Sopranos, but an article in today's Slate tells us why TimesSelect isn't the same as our beloved cable.

Admit it. There's a fake ID either somewhere in your past or your near future. It might be the only illegal thing you've done in your life (or, maybe not). While your obviously fake Delaware resident ID brought you a couple of Long Islands and a hangover the next morning, more serious fake IDs, like green cards and birth certificates, lead to cases of identity theft and criminal fraud. Buyers and makers beware, The Los Angeles Times reports on a new California law that cracks down on the fake ID business.

We've all had that one hook-up will we always regret. Usually, however, it's because of the next-day awkwardness that continues for the next three years, not because it was literally, the kiss of death. U.S. news has been following the death last Wednesday of a 15-year old Canadian girl, killed by her boyfriend's post-peanut butter sandwich kiss. CNN puts this story in perspective with the recent rise in peanut allergies in the U.S.

Sure, it might not be breaking news, but what study break would be complete without the ogling of D.C.'s favorite furry celeb. Butterstick, er, Tai Shan, made his media debut today. Wonkette worries that the attention has already gone to his head, with an adorable picture of the rebel 'Stick.


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