Saturday, November 26, 2005


Even as you sit there now, still digesting pounds of turkey and stuffing, the madness is beginning. Suddenly you can count on one hand the number of times you have to stay awake through The History of Medieval Britain. While this is certainly reason for celebration, it also means that final exams and papers are poised to eat up your precious post-lecture minutes.

Final exam veterans (like collegienne) know that the first thing to go is usually any healthy eating habit you had managed to hold onto during the semester. Before you know it, your diet will consist only of bagels, coffee, stale pop tarts, and diet coke. While carbohydrates and caffeine alone won't kill you, they're not the only side-effects of study days. Next comes your retreat from society; you set up camp in the back cubicle of the fifth floor of the library, barricaded by books, eyes glued to your laptop.

It's understandably hard to put aside time for perusing The New York Times when you've got 100 pages of international economics reading for tomorrow's test. So while the Wall Street Journals pile up in front of the house you haven't been to in 46 hours, give yourself ten minutes of guilt-free procrastination while reconnecting with life outside the library stacks.

With a liberal arts approach to news, collegienne brings you a full real world course load without the pesky papers and oral presentations. So grab a cup of coffee and take a well-deserved study break.


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